Magazine Harvest

Our Magazine Harvest recycles your clean, gently read magazines to new readers – feeding kids and families hungry to read.

  • Read below how to send us your magazines and we’ll get them to homeless and domestic violence shelters, to food pantries for delivery with bags of groceries, and to other community literacy programs.  You can ship 20 – 60 magazines to us in a U.S. Postal medium flat rate box.
  • Volunteer to set up a magazine collection operation in your community.
  • If you love Whole Foods, Magazines, and Literacy – organize Magazine Harvest at your store.

Here’s how to send your magazines to new readers:

Mail us your mags to recycle to new readers

Visit the US Postal Service website for information about free flat rate boxes, purchasing postage online, and free box pick-up.

To collect magazines in your school or office, contact us for bins and ideas for delivery to local shelters, food pantries and literacy programs.