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Stakeholder financial support for operations allows us to dedicate 100% of public donations to literacy

We strive to raise dedicated funds for operations from private donors and magazine industry champions, so we can reach our objective to spend 100% of the consumer and local business funds we raise on direct literacy programs and services – getting new and recycled magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of the children and families we serve.

Dedicating 100% of public donations directly to address our literacy programs is an audacious goal and bold statement.  It’s only possible with generous corporate, magazine industry, and stakeholder support.

The Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project ( is a 501(c)3 charity.  We rely on financial support from any and every magazine industry stakeholder throughout the supply chain – editors, publishers, circulation pros, printers, distributors, fulfillment shops, ad agencies, and other champions to pay our administrative and operational expenses.

We know that your financial support is precious and greatly appreciate every bit.  We strive to use those dollars in a responsible, effective, and efficient manner.  Every organization has administrative and operating costs to sustain their missions, and we are no different.  We have to “keep the lights on” to conceive, plan, execute, and manage our literacy projects and to grow to our full potential to meet our responsibility against enormous literacy challenges.

With private, corporate,  and magazine industry stakeholder donations covering our operating expenses, we can achieve our goal of dedicating 100% of public donations to direct literacy programs and services, inspiring even more giving by the consumers and local businesses who support our community programs.

To stretch those operating dollars far, we run our operations extremely lean and achieve a very high rate of return on the funds invested in our operations.  Here’s how:

  • We leverage advanced technology, open source software, cloud-based services, crowdsourcing, and strong partnerships with technology and media powerhouses, such as Google Apps,, Automattic, the inventors of WordPress, Crowdspring for pro bono graphic design, Texterity, Auryn Creative for web design, Publish2Profit,  Texterity, and many others for communications, volunteer support, community organizing and collaboration tools, and social media.
  • We actively develop and train a network of thousands of volunteers in hundreds of communities and campuses who deliver all of our essential activities from grassroots outreach to magazine collection and delivery logistics to public relations and fundraising.
  • We manage our project online from virtual locations, and utilize cost-effective shared cooperative “coworking” office space, as well as partnerships with other agencies for handling logistics.
  • We collect and process financial donations online in a partnership with Network for Good – a very effective and efficient method for engaging the consumers and businesses who support our literacy programs and operations.  Network for Good is a turnkey solution with tremendous experience in the charitable market and excellent, reliable fundraising tools and customer service.  Most important, their 3% transaction costs are at or below any alternative for credit card processing.

Mad men and women of Rowan University tell our story to publishers

Future mad men and women in the Rowan University Ad Dynamics student advertising agency have created a media kit for to present our mission and goals to magazine industry executives.  The media kit explains how every magazine industry stakeholder has a role to play in promoting the use of magazines to meet the literacy needs of community agencies serving at-risk children and families.  Magazines offer literacy leaders unique benefits.  The media kit includes an interview with Katie Simmons who is spearheading the creation of a model recycled magazine distribution center in Boston.  The students who helped create the media kit are: Mirian Martinez, Kristyn Chiavaro, Jon Faronea, Stephanie Lutz, Kyle Hayes, and Brianna Rozzi, president of the club.