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Honoring our magazine literacy accomplishments on Leap Day

Leap Day gives me some extra time to thank everyone who makes our literacy work pop!

I recently had the proud opportunity to summarize our accomplishments – any and all of which only happen thanks to the incredible and MAGnificent support we get from you, our stakeholders – the volunteers, businesses, consumers, and literacy programs who help support our passion for literacy and help us to get wonderful magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of new readers.

  • Together, we have founded and operate  the first and only global magazine industry-wide literacy project for children and families.
  • Our mission and passion is to build an enormous literacy pipeline and to challenge the citizens of the world to fill it with magazines.
  • We are changing the world, one magazine at a time, by tapping and celebrating the unique power of magazines as a literacy resource for at-risk children and families across the U.S. and around the world.
  • We are assembling partnerships throughout the magazine publishing  and technology industries and beyond to create a vibrant online literacy marketplace where any consumer or business can send and any literacy agency can find new and recycled magazines for moms and kids in homeless and domestic violence shelters, domestic violence shelters, youth mentoring programs, job training programs, and to kids in foster care.
  • We are organizing thousands of volunteers in hundreds of community and campus teams to collect and share wonderful magazines to support family literacy.
  • We sent 40,000 surplus children’s magazines to all Head Start programs in Mississippi after Katrina.
  • We match businesses to send magazines to children and families in community literacy programs.
  • We inspire magazine readers to share the wonderful magazines they love with children and families hungry to read.
  • We are creating a lean, but vast supply chain necessary to support magazine literacy logistics on a global scale.


Literacy Champion – Dennis Salazar sits in a sweet spot at the center of consumer love of magazines, our passion to help children and families prosper, and our desire for a clean environment and eco-friendly, sustainable commerce.

Our Magazine Harvest inspires citizens to read, recycle, and reuse their magazines.  Magazines collected in homes and schools, and at work and public locations are delivered to new readers – children and families in homeless and domestic violence shelters, teens in mentoring programs, job trainees, and to families in bags of groceries from food pantries.  This gets magazines into the hands, hearts, and homes of children and families hungry to read them.

Our work is made possible and grows every day thanks to the support and engagement of literacy champions like Dennis Salazar at Salazar Packaging.  Dennis has made his eco-friendly cardboard totes available to our Magazine Harvest teams and is helping us to spread the word about our literacy work.  Dennis is an expert on sustainability.  Take a look at his blog and join us in thanking the Salazar Packaging team for helping us to fill our magazine literacy pipeline.

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa
drQ_quote_1 (11K)

– Hopkins Medicine Magazine, Winter 2007

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa has teamed with to mobilize a national literacy campaign to inspire individuals and businesses to support inner city youth learning to read.

Read about the incredible journey that Dr. Quiñones has taken from laboring in the fields as a migrant farm worker, learning English, attending community college in California, then graduating from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Quiñones is now a leading neurosurgeon and brain cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.

drQ_quote_2 (11K)Contact us to join with Dr. Quiñones to find and feed children and families hungry to read in your community. Help to put magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of those who want to learn and love to read.