Campus teams fuel Magazine Harvest innovation

College campuses are hot-beds of innovation.  Student leaders across the U.S. are serving as Magazine Literacy Ambassadors and launching Magazine Harvest campaigns.  Using social networking and social media, these efforts inspire and inform others and help to build our Magazine Literacy Ambassador corps.  Each plants a seed in our literacy garden:

  • At Cornell University, magazines in bins placed in Fraternities and Sororities, and other locations will be shipped to our distribution centers.
  • At the University of Buffalo, a supermarket Magazine Drive is in the works.  It’s like a food drive, but will feed families hungry to read.
  • At Yale University, students are planning a magazine drive for local literacy agencies.
  • At Rowan University,  Ad Dynamics – a student-run advertising agency is producing how-to videos for Magazine Harvest.
  • Campus inquiries have come in from Massachusetts to Idaho.

Even a one-day magazine drive requires planning and team building that can help to begin the process of nurturing positive, long-term working  relationships between colleges and local literacy programs.  It can also spark the formation of sustainable campus Magazine Harvest teams.

Contact us or volunteer to lead your campus Magazine Harvest.

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