Magazine memories. What were your favorite magazines as a child and teen?

Tell us your favorite magazines and magazine memories as a child and teen.

As part of our celebration of Children’s Magazine Month this October, we are are creating a collection of memories about our favorite magazines as children and teens. exists because of these memories and the impact of magazines on our lives – because we remember and know the joy of reading magazines and the influence that magazines had during or formative years.  This underscores the importance of reading materials in the home and our keen interest in getting magazines into the hands and hearts of children and families who want to read them.

As the stories of magazine memories are coming in, there are a few common themes and some pleasant surprises – reminders that have teased out some additional fond memories for me.

  • The importance of libraries.  Many recall finding their favorite magazines on the library shelf each month.  It reminded me how much time I spent in the school and community library as a child and how that fostered a life-long love of libraries.  Today, my library has a neon “Open” sign in the window.  I always look for it and rarely can pass on the temptation to stop and browse.  Not far from here, a library has closed its doors – which I found unimaginable and deeply sad.
  • As children and teens, we looked forward to the pictures in magazines as much as the stories.  How often do you find yourself leafing through magazine pictures that draw you in to read the caption, then to find the caption in the story and then to explore the article?  In magazines, there are pictures worth a thousand words and words worth a thousand pictures.
  • Even as children, we were drawn to consumer magazines that our parents received.  There are many stories about Life magazine and Readers Digest.  As teens, we read Popular Mechanics and Scientific American and Road & Track and Gourmet, to name a few.
  • We loved the contests and the ads at the back – about hovercrafts, x-ray glasses, and newspaper delivery jobs.

What are your magazine memories?

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