Key ingredients for KinderHarvest magazine recycling success

We have spent some time learning about what steps are important in order to deploy successful, sustained magazine recycling projects at the community level.

The top-most lesson is that we need to form self-reliant local teams to set-up and operate KinderHarvest magazine recycling efforts in their own communities. The members of the teams work together on a number of mission-critical tasks, such as:

  • recruiting others to help
  • selecting team leads
  • finding shelters and literacy programs that would like to receive recycled magazines for their children and families
  • placing magazine collection bins and organizing other magazine collection drives
  • picking up magazines
  • meeting at least once a month to sort, count, label and bundle magazines for delivery
  • delivering the magazines to shelters and other literacy programs
  • promoting their recycling project in our blog and local media
  • fundraising to cover the expense of local supplies, such as labels and collection bins.

If this matches your interests, please complete this volunteer form to provide your contact and availability information.

We are grateful for your interest and time and look forward to working with you to change the world – one magazine at a time!

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