Boston KinderHarvest Gets Underway

As a volunteer with a 3-year program for 6, 7, and 8 grade inner city youth with focus on literacy, life skills and tennis here in Boston, as well as helping out at a local elementary school and boys and girls club, I see the need for getting interesting reading materials to children every day. I also want to focus on helping shelters and food banks because that seems to be a very dire need.

Here are some of my initial ideas and efforts:

  • I have a preschool teacher friend who agreed to have a collection bin for magazines. Many of the parents have older children so I am hoping they have subscriptions to donate.
  • I have another friend who is an elementary school Principal who will share Highlights magazines.
  • I have made contact with the children’s room at the local library, which agreed to share their older copies of magazines with children. I picked up Ladybug, Babybug, Cricket and Cobbletone.
  • I have a contact at a nearby hospital that receives monthly mags that they will donate when they are ready to discard them.
  • I will also asked a friend who is part of a babysitting co-op to reach out to a huge audience via email to ask if they would donate magazines.
  • I will also check with the local supermarket and pharmacy to see if I can set up a magazine drive.
  • I have contacted several pediatric dentists office in the area and my own dentist have been quite generous in offering to donate their Parents and children’s magazines from their waiting room and even the staff offered to send their gently used children’s magazines.

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